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bookHow to Get Rid of Socialism

How to Get Rid of Socialism is borne out of the frustration of teaching taxation and spending countless hours preparing tax returns amidst the ever-increasingly complexities of tax laws. I discovered too late that too much human capital was being expended on figuring out what we owe the government and painfully questioning why. The answer was simple when I discovered that the origins of the internal revenue code were based on a socialist ideology and the law was designed primarily to redistribute wealth. This book is the culmination of my examination of the detrimental effects of creeping socialism from the progressive era Economic Security Act and culminating with the abominable Affordable Care Act. The conclusion is that it has to go and this book is my road map to recapturing American freedom!

This book makes the case for the eradication of socialism and the income tax code that is its cornerstone. I introduce a new, fairer, and simpler automated tax system called the withdrawals tax that is not the flat tax or the fair tax and give you my recipe for fixing the shadow economy with perishable currency and finally how to tackle the woes of social security the national debt. It’s fresh and new!